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VLA possesses some of the most extensive, best-documented experience in sustainable architecture in the country. We think it is our duty to help to ensure that our designs rest on sustainable foundations from drawing board to construction.

Realistic solutions
We consider the environment as a whole when we focus on creating the best, most realistic solution: we make sure the client is able to make the right choices by providing the best possible background and advice on which to make them.

Five focal points
Our approach to our work on sustainability consists of five principle points. We start by analysing each of them.


The job
The nature of the job at hand is screened in order to reveal the potential for sustainability and the level of ambition.

The architecture
We look at the prevailing external factors with regard to location, climate and the building site in general. We examine the conditions and opportunities for social elements such as concern for the working environment and ensuring a happy workplace.

The technology
We identify the technological opportunities relevant to the project such as alternative energy, rainwater collection, the use of energy-efficient materials and technologies.

We find out what is required to ensure the best balance between sustainability and architecture when it comes to building costs in relation to operating costs, for example.

The strategy
We use these analyses to work with the client, users and other interested parties on drawing up an overall strategy for sustainability for the project. The strategy defines the fundamental goals for the project and serves as a mutual declaration of intent.

Good architecture is often born in out of a dynamic process in which time, money, technology and political issues affect conditions and decisions.

So VLA focuses on making sure that the sustainability strategy for the project is robust, operational, and allows for adjustments and adaptation along the way. This way we can continue to help to realise the overall ambitions and goals for the financial, social and environmental sustainability of the project.

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Green Building Coucil Denmark

VLA is a member of Green Building Council Denmark (DK-GBC), which is a non-profit organization working towards expanding sustainability in the construction industry.

DK-GBC manages the new Danish standard DGNB system Denmark, which is a certification scheme aimed to create a common platform for measurement and assessment of sustainable construction.

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